A New Kind of Pharmacy

Today’s emerging healthcare technologies and therapies have been merging with the “old” ideas that vitamins,

nutrients and homeopathic medicines continue to be viable and effective treatments. Adding to a confusing health care picture is the fact that health care reform, insurance reform and the ever increasing cost of attaining health care has in many cases made acquiring effective and affordable health care a near impossibility.

The Kohana Pharmacy and Center for Regenerative Medicine prescribes to the total body health theory of “well-care” as opposed to “sick-care”. The realization that providing a new kind of pharmacy that could make traditional and alternative therapies available in a single destination is now realized at our new facility. Kohana will be the

premier provider for pharmacy services including individualized custom formulations, education, consultative services; and personalized regenerative therapies aimed at total body “achieving balance”. We serve the areas including and surrounding San Luis Obispo, California and welcome you to visit our new facility. Kohana was constructed with green construction. Not only was this a key component due to its environmental impact, but many patients have allergies and/or a reduced immune reserves that are adversely impacted by the use of traditional building supplies and paints.

Kohana is still a pharmacy and traditional prescription services will be provided, including insurance billing, shipping and delivery services. Also, Kohana will provide high quality pharmacy compounding services. Additionally, non-sterile compounding will produce patient specific products including bio-identical hormones, veterinary propecia online pharmacy medication, ou acheter cialis en france drugs for pain management and dermatological formulations to name but a few.

Kohana will offer a wide assortment of pharmaceutical grade supplements. All forms https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-original/ of vitamins, mineral, neutraceuticals, homeopathics and Chinese medicine are available. Intravenous (IV) Wellness Therapies offered at Kohana are one of the key therapies that differentiates itself from other cialis online cheap health care acheter cialis facilities. IV administration is often

the most effective method of delivery for rapid absorption of medications, which accounts for why IVs are so widely used, especially in hospital and acute care settings. IV therapy will be used when metabolic testing and symptomology gives a diagnosis that indicate their need. For example, IV

therapies can address chronic conditions such as heavy metal toxicities, chronic fatigue and heart support (plaque reduction); acute conditions such as the flu or seasonal colds; immune support including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, levitra australia online and restorative therapies such a pre and post surgical support, as well as adjunct therapy for patients with cancer.