Why Kohana?

For years Robert Quinn, Doctor of Pharmacy, and his wife Lyne Hethrington, an environmental scientist, have comprar viagra en barcelona personally prescribed to the total body health theory of “well-care” as opposed to

“sick-care”. The realization that providing a new kind of pharmacy that could make traditional and alternative therapies available in a single destination was realized when a partnership was formed with Alan Martin, Doctor of Pharmacy. Alan, is a long time local pharmacist who was once owner of the Economy Drug Store in downtown San Luis Obispo with his parents Mick and Carol Martin. This vision of a new kind of pharmacy was realized when the three founders formed Kohana Pharmacy and Center for Regenerative Medicine. Kohana is the new entity which will allow for the vision of traditional pharmacy and regenerative medicine to become a reality. This vision will be guided by this mission which states that Kohana will be the premier provider for pharmacy services including individualized custom formulations, education, consultative services; and personalized regenerative therapies aimed at total body “achieving balance”.

Services that are provided by Kohana https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-prix/ to help provide patients with the opportunity to move into the realm of well-care from sick-care are numerous. Functional metabolic diagnostic medicine for both disease state and life/health enhancement are offered. Patient symptomology and history will indicate the proper laboratory testing (either blood, urine or saliva) which http://www.cialispharmaciefr24.com/acheter-cialis-internet-canada/ will reveal results that are be reviewed to provide the basis for treatment options which will be made to the patient https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/prix-viagra/ for consideration. Hormone imbalances, weight management (including diet and exercise), diabetes, thyroid and high blood pressure are all issues which can be addressed and monitored.

Consultative services are offered by appointment with both physicians and pharmacists to review a patient’s personalized approach to total body health care. Diet, exercise, supplements, health history and current symptoms are discussed to formulate a well health plan which may be implemented to accomplish both short and long term health goals. Kohana will soon be offering Well Women’s Services. Standard OB/GYN exams are provided for female patients, and associated consultation are included to discuss the results of examinations and/or any tests that may be recommended. Breast thermography testing is also available by appointment at Kohana. Therapeutic cleansing and detoxification programs that are essential for well-health enhancement are provided levitra to order time at Kohana under the direct supervision of a Kohana physician. Such cleansing and detoxifying services include Ayurvedic massage, infrared and steam saunas, and programmed supplement regimens.