Clinical Detoxification Programs

Kohana has a comprehensive Theraputic Detoxification Program. Numerous forms of toxins accumulate in the large intestine and many of these toxins are expelled when the intestine is cleansed out. The cleansing of the colon is ideal as an impaired or sluggish colon is almost a guarantee for a general increase in toxicity in the body. Colon cleansing is a one of the many steps involved in the detoxification program of most people who go for a complete Detoxification Program. Herbal and pharmaceutical laxatives are productive aids during colon cleansing, Fiber is also valuable, especially in the form of Psyllium seed husks either used alone or when combined with a variety of supplements like Betonite clay, powdered Aloe Vera, and Acidophilus cultures. Colon cleansing is ideally carried out with enemas containing water, various herbs; and at times even diluted ground coffee can be used. Coffee can be useful as a liver detoxifier as well. Kohana’s Detoxification Programs include the administration of a series of colonic water irrigations as the principal step carried out with help from our trained professionals using sterile filtered water and safe disposable equipment and is combined with a high fiber supplements and a general cleansing dietary regimen. A good bowel movement will aid the detoxification process, the bowels need cleansing as a priority step the detox to succeed.

Physical activity and exercise on a daily basis is vital. Increased activity leads to sweating, boosting toxin elimination via the skin surface. The detoxification process is boosted as the general metabolism perks up with exercise. Ideally, aerobic exercise on a regular schedule will help keep the body toxin free. This is particularly true if, Sugar or Alcohol intake is not stopped during the Detoxification Program. A lot of fluids, supplemental antioxidants, essential vitamins, and minerals will aid in the expulsion of toxins as exercise frees up accumulated toxins in the body.

The skin is an area for the release of toxins and taking baths frequently will cleanse it of toxins on the surface, scrubbing also frees up blocked pores and aids toxin release. Toxin release from the skin is aided by saunas and heavy sweats during exercise. A skin brush can be used to rid the body of dead cells and to renew skin before baths. Toxin release from the skin is helped by undergoing massage therapy; lymphatic or deep massage being particularly helpful in this regard, this will also stimulate bodily functions and calm the mind. A thorough process of detoxification is possible when mental tensions are cleared away, massaging and skin rubs will be helpful.